Room Additions & ADUs

There are a variety of reasons that may prompt you to hire a contractor for room addition. It could be as a result of a new addition to the family, you need an office space, you want to accommodate an elderly parent who can’t live alone, you need a larger guest room to accommodate your steady stream of visitors, or you want to add to the value of your home. Whatever your reasons, getting a room addition is easier and better than moving and leaving behind the home you’ve invested your time and effort in, and the schools, neighbors, and area that you’ve become accustomed to. It’s also less expensive to add a room than to buy a new home. You also would like to avoid the headaches associated with selling and buying. Having the right room addition contractor makes all the difference. You can have your home as spacious as you want it to be at a fraction of the moving cost.

Having room additions constructed for your home can feel like a daunting task. At 3A Genius Construction, we specialize in creating beautiful room additions, on an upper story and the ground level as well as. Our certified designers and remodelers work to enhance the functionality and look of your home and know how to keep you in compliance with the zoning laws. We cover all trades involved in room addition including electrical and plumbing work. We use state-of-the-art technology to create a representation of your new room, and in this way, we give you the chance to choose the products and features you’d like it to have.  We are careful to match the addition to the structure and style of your home.

What to Expect When Planning a Room Addition

The first to step in the process of room addition begins with a personal consultation with 3A Genius Construction. Our craftsmen will discuss the ideas, goals, and needs with you. We will come up with a detailed plan to build your custom room addition, room extension, or second story addition. We will give you the quote for the whole project depending on the type and size of addition built for your home, as well as the difficulty of the project. We will discuss with you the characteristics of your addition and the effects on the complexity and cost of the project. Your 3A Genius Construction contractor will discuss with you the preparations you must make to help you live in your home during the room addition project.

What Type of Room Addition Should You Add?

Whether you want a master suite, game room, pool house, above-garage bedroom, home gym, nursery, a walk-in closet, or an expanded kitchen, we are fully equipped with tools and expertise to construct any room you’d like. Our aim is to provide homeowners in Tarzana with the skills required to incorporate magnificence into any room addition project, and in this way, we offer a wide variety of additions. When you choose us to be your contractor, we can design and build a room that perfectly blends with your style.

There are a variety of ideas you can incorporate into your project in order to shape the concept of your room addition’s design. For instance, a sunroom built-on to your kitchen or living room will be a great way to add more living space for family gatherings. In addition to the extra space, it will also create a beautiful source of natural light. Such an addition is a great way to brighten up any area of your Tarzana area home. You can also incorporate an entertainment center that will replace the fireplace as the focal point.

Before settling for a room addition, it’s always worth looking at other available options because the cost of the project can be much more than remodeling an existing room. For instance, you can choose re-purpose a little used bedroom, finish an unfinished attic or basement, or remove/add walls for maximum use of your existing floor space. However, if these aren’t among the options that you can consider because the space available isn’t enough, then you’re only left with the option of a room addition.

Building Your Room Addition

Once you’ve made up your kind to go on with an addition and the type of room you want to be added, the next major factor to consider is the location. Our deep experience with additions will play a critical role in helping you weigh the pros and cons of your choice of location. Whether you want the addition on a particular side of the building or on an upper story, you can trust us to help you make the right decision.

It’s imperative to get all the requirements of the upcoming space all sorted out before the project begins. For instance, if you’re planning on an office in the added space, it’s crucial to understand that your construction details will vary from when you need the space for a new kitchen. Getting your priorities sorted out beforehand will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and save you on extra costs.

During the design phase, we make a blueprint and a 3D model to help you have an image in mind of what the addition will look like when it’s completed. The team at 3A Genius Builders is committed to making the construction phase as clean and efficient as possible. During the demolition stage, we will keep your home safe and handle all the necessary aspects of the new construction from drywall, paint or siding, framing, to drywall. On the workday, our professional crew will prepare the site for the day’s work by sealing off the room addition with plastic sheeting and tarps to help prevent the transfer of dust and odors into your home.

We take much attention in ensuring that the interior and exterior of the room addition matches with the original house and that your new and old roof perfectly blend into each other. During the new construction, we also ensure that all your plumbing pipes, wiring, and HVAC systems are properly interconnected. We take special care in minimizing disruptions that the construction project might bring to your lifestyle in order to ensure you live comfortably while the project is underway.

Now is the time to start planning your room addition project. However, it’s highly crucial to only work with an experienced and licensed contractor. At 3A Genius Builders, we ensure that the project meets your flawless expectations. Our experienced professionals know how to deal with structural inconsistencies, electrical failures, and plumbing leaks, without sacrificing quality, your budget, and safety. We are committed to providing the very best customer service and craftsmanship.
Should You Build Up or Build Down?

When putting on a new addition, there’s one issue that stands out; whether to extend your home vertically or horizontally. The most common additions are those done at ground-level this is mainly because one-story homes are common and certain rooms like the living room are built on ground level.

If the room addition is to be performed at ground level, back hoeing the area where the new room will lay is usually the first task that’s carried out. The foundations will then be extended but in some cases, a bump out will be carried out in a small enough addition. While building out is usually the best option, it takes up much of your space and your choice of location may be restricted by zoning laws. In California, your building is expected to be 20 feet from the front, 15 feet from the back and 7.5 feet from the sides of your property limits. Other factors that may affect the building out option include the presence of wetlands and the percentage of your lot that can be covered.

When it comes to building up, you get to save lot space but the process will require the contractors to increase the weight-bearing capacity of the foundation and underlying walls. The process will also require removal of the ceiling below the new space in order to enable the addition of wiring and pipes and support the new floor. There are also zoning restrictions that limit the height of the house but this is usually not a major issue in single standing residential homes.

Why Pick 3A Genius Builders

At 3A Genius Builders, we believe that a house is a whole organism in its entirety. Therefore, when we add space to a house, we always keep in mind the essential balance in the construction. Our contractors always ensure that the newly added room is organically accommodated in the already existing structure. The newly added space must be within the sync and create an appealing visual effect to your family and visiting friends. When it comes to matters of home additions, you must retain contractors you can trust.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of home additions, we understand exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve been working in the Los Angeles area as professional home improvement firm and we are very familiar with the building codes of the area. This will save you time and money in your home and room addition projects. You’ll not be excluded from seeing your home grow because we will include you in every phase of the developmental process. We are able to deliver to the letter and you can be sure of falling in love with the new space. If you have any question with making an addition to your home or getting a free estimate, contact us today at (818) 267-7607.