New Pool Design & Construction

Your swimming pool is an attention-grabber — it’s the first thing that a person notices when they step in your backyard. Imagine an elegant pool packed with custom water features for spending time and winding down with friends and family. From the classic and stylish to the exotic and beautiful, a swimming pool designed by the crème de la crème custom swimming pool builder in Los Angeles will have your outdoor space wowing not just your loved ones but also your guests.

We work closely with you to envision and execute a design plan that best matches your landscape, lifestyle, and home needs. From the initial consulting process to the pool designing stage to the construction stage and completing the construction on time, Genius Pools builds your swimming pool and backyard oasis with industry-standard techniques. Unlike other builders, we go above and beyond to offer future-proof and new sizes and shapes. Whether you want a free-form pool, play pool, or splash pad, the results will set your property apart from the rest of your neighbors.

Whether you’re looking for a basic resurface or a complete redesign of your pool, have a modest sized budget or you’re ready to pull out all stops to transform your pool into a water park oasis, 3A Genius Construction can do it all. No project is too difficult, too big, or too small for us. And if you have an aging or unsafe pool, you can rest assured that we will listen to your needs and develop solutions that will save you the embarrassment.

We been providing residents in the greater Los Angeles area with superior pool and spa remodeling and plastering services since 1990. Our extensive experience in swimming pool and spa design, plastering, repair, refinishing, or remodeling is second to none. When you work with us, you know that you are working with an expert who aims to please. We handle everything ranging from resurfacing, plumbing, tiling and coping, design, electrical and wiring, and decks. Our experts are well trained in all areas of repairing, remodeling, and plastering of all sorts of swimming pools. With many years of service, you can be confident that you will receive the most professional services in Los Angeles.

We know how much you love your pool and for this reason, we’ll create a revamped pool that complements your lifestyle and looks and feels the way you want it to. In fact, we go over and beyond to make it look better than you ever thought it could look. Pool and spa remodeling can be a major source of headaches if not done right and we make this vital decision easy for you as our staff has the experience and knowledge to take you through the process every step of the way. Trust us with your spa or swimming pool needs and avoid multiple service calls. With the professionals at 3A Genius Construction, your issues will be resolved right the first time.

To ensure quality, our team of experts utilizes industry leading technology, insight, and materials to take care of all swimming pool issues and needs. Our professionals are committed to resolving problems efficiently and quickly, always making sure that the job is done correctly the first time, every time. And once we are done, you will be left to enjoy your revamped pool and spa with no hassle. If you are experiencing pump and filter problems, you can count on us for proper fixing. After years of serving clients in the California, Los Angeles area with all sorts of swimming pool problems, you can rest assured that we know how to dispatch our experts to take care of your issues. Our primary objective is to make sure that you are contented with the kind of services we offer, in order for you to have the best experience possible.


Some of the Options to Add When Remodeling Your Pool

  • Convert an old diving pool to a fun and exciting play pool
  • Long-life exposed aggregate-based interior surfaces such as a mini pebble sheen
  • A durable quartz based plaster and to make it sparkle even more, we can add color chips
  • Add water features to bring it the soothing cascading sound of a natural waterfall
  • Do the ultimate all tile interior, choose from ceramic or glass tile
  • Acrylic concrete deck coatings to revamp and make old pool decks look different
  • Cover your deck with stone material or a travertine pavers
  • You can add a new waterline tile pattern from the many options available

In addition to building in-ground swimming pools and spa, 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction  also provides pool supplies, renovations, and pools service. Just like other parts of your home, regular maintenance to your pool is important given that wear and tear is a continuous process. Our professionals understand how to please our clients by giving them a high-end pool makeover.  By hiring us you can rest assured of not only beauty but also a swimming pool that’s safer to use.

Add Water Features

Are you a homeowner that loves to wow? 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction can provide multiple unique features that will add function and drama to your pool area. And there, you will have a design that is distinctly yours and that will bring the attention you desire to your property. The products we use can enhance the look and feel of any pool remodeling job imaginable.

Today, water slides are incredibly popular and we’ve added them to all sorts of swimming pools. Waterfalls add beauty to your pool making it more popular and fun for get-together and parties. Moreover, waterfall, fire pits, and fountains go a long way to set a magnificent feeling for your backyard pool area. You can also give a face-lift and dramatize your existing swimming pool is by adding levels to it. With a few improvements to your swimming pool area, you will enjoy your backyard much more.

The best time to give your pool a complete makeover is once it starts looking shabby.  So start by making a list of the things you’d like to update or change. These may include things like the swimming pool’s decking, tile, water features, interior finish, or new equipment that reduces the cleaning time and effort. Then make an appointment with 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction for unmatched services. Let’s us set your swimming pool or spa apart from the rest and make your property one-of-a-kind.

Experienced Pool Plastering Contractors in Los Angeles

Is your pool looking shabby? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to consider a plastering makeover. The plaster surface plays a significant role in enhancing the hour of relaxation and fun for your family.

Until you experience the difference, you may not understand how significant replastering your pool is. A pool that is discolored, peeling or unkempt is a definite deterrent and does not in any way represent high-quality maintenance that you may be providing to your current tenants. For this reason, you may end up losing your potential tenants.  Apart from enhancing the look and mood of your property, taking good care of your swimming pool can also improve both your home and your neighborhood.   This is important given that obsolete code item can lead to commercial property closing down their pool until the code is brought into compliance. When you reach to us, we will assess and correct all the problems and make sure that we bring your swimming pool into code compliance.

The process of pool resurfacing and replastering is relatively quick and can be done in as little as five days. We will have your pool drained and the old surface removed even before you know it, and in less than a week the surface will be plastered. If you are installing brand new pool, we will trowel the plaster. But if you already have a pool that is not only a little older but also is not in good condition, we will clean it up for you and re-plaster the surface. With an array of different materials for you to choose from, your pool will have a long-lasting beauty customized to your taste after pool plastering.

Reasons Your Pool Might Need Plastering

There are obvious signs that may indicate that your pool needs replastering. This includes things like:

  • Elbows and knees getting scraped
  • Swimming suits getting snagged
  • Pool surface feeling like sandpaper
  • Cracks in and around the pool
  • Suspected leaks and low water levels
  • Toes getting stubbed and banged up
  • Stains or discoloration on the surface

To correct these issues, schedule an appointment with the pool plastering experts at 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction. We give our clients nothing but high-quality pool plastering services. If you have any questions concerning pool plastering and residential pool remodeling services, feel free to contact get in touch with us today. Our pool plastering experts have extensive experience applying the surface and hand finishing for a long-lasting smooth look.

Outdoor Living Begins Where your Swimming Pool Ends

To extend your swimming pool experience while at the same time adding more value to your house, you should consider adding outdoor living areas. This can be realized by making the end of your swimming pool the beginning of your outdoor living experience. If possible add a pavilion, landscaping and lighting, outdoor kitchen, or an integrated entertainment system.

Nothing brings complete relaxation in your backyard living like a beautiful spa. With warm, bubbling waters, spas can offer the best massage which is a superb way to unwind a long day of work or school. Moreover, they can be the best spot for romantic occasions. These are some of the far-fetched benefits you are likely to obtain from having your own backyard spa. A custom spa can offer more than just relaxation when the installation is done right. Apart from increasing the value of your home, a custom spa can give your landscape a centerpiece to build around. To add some beauty to your centerpiece, add hydro massage therapy, custom jets, and if possible add some built-in ambient music.

The main decision you will need to make when planning to install a spa is, choosing between a portable (above ground spa) and built-in spa. There are several compelling arguments for each of the choice. Some of the health benefits that offered by both types of spas include:

Allowing for a better night’s sleep,
Lowering stress levels, and
The romance of spending a cool night in a spa with your spouse

At 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction we know that there are other more practical benefits that come with built-in spa and we are here to ensure that you get everything that your spa has to offer.


We can renovate and construct several types of custom spas. Apart from being the most popular and also the easiest to envisage in your pool or backyard since they have shapes and sizes that can be easily added to a blueprint. They are also easy to install. When looking into design options for your spa, you may want to consider concrete spas. A concrete spa gives you room to incorporate or use complex shapes to come up with any design you’ve got on your mind. Unlike other spa design options, a concrete spa gives room to add as many features as you want.


If you wish to install a premade spa into a concrete or deck we are here for you. Our crew can work with premade hot tubs and spas. Once you contact us we will explain to you the different options available and even guide on choosing what is best for you.

Whether you’re buying a home, building a new home, or you’re doing this to incorporate some fun to your existing home the answer of 3A Genius Pool Design & Construction.  Whether you prefer custom water features, infinite or negative edge swimming pool or even Smartphone controlled LED lighting, you can always count on us. Our experts can handle everything ranging from installing new swimming pool to rebuilding your pool or spa’s pump, as well as heating and filtration systems.

Small Backyard Pools Customization Options

Lack of enough space in your backyard should not hinder you from customizing your pool. There being endless opportunities for custom pool features, you can incorporate a beautiful rock waterfall or a bubbling fountain to spice up the general appearance of your backyard. You can as well customize your pool in your small backyard by incorporating stylish water features like a raised spa or varnishing edge to make it the best spot for relaxation. With our extensive experience, we have the capacity to provide our clients with latest styles, custom features, and designs to ensure they get the best experience in their swimming pool and spa. We make every effort to transform your backyard into one of your favorite spaces in your home that satisfies both your personal style and family.

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We have the talent and expertise to cover all aspects of your pool project in-house. You are our customer and we do everything we can to treat you right. We clean after each working day and after the project is complete. We stand behind our workmanship and offer financing if you need it. We will never be the middle-men who look for profit off your needs. We love building trust and making pools even more beautiful. Contact us today at 800-631-8485 for a free, no-obligation estimate.