Outdoor Decks and Deck Remodeling

Decks are becoming more and more popular among many homeowners in California. Whether you’re adding a deck for the first time or remodeling an old one, you can be able to turn your outdoor living space into a year-round functional space. A deck addition can create a sanctuary for relaxation and entertaining in your backyard. Decking creates quick access to your home’s interior and this is perfect for parties and barbeques or just relaxing. A deck is like an entire room addition because it creates more space, more comfort, and more livability.

An Exceptionally Skilled Deck Company

You will notice the 3A Genius Builders difference from the moment our designers and contractors arrive in your home. You can be sure of excellence in design, high-level client service, professional project management, solid integrity, and quality construction. We are committed to always meeting or exceeding all safety standards. Our team of craftsmen will design and construct a space that will highlight the distinct style and architecture of your home. 3A Genius Construction provides services in deck additions and deck remodeling in the Tarzana area. We are the company of choice when it comes to deck construction and renovations.

Some of the Outdoor Decking Services We Offer

At 3A Genius Builders, our services are not limited, as far as decking is concerned. Whether it’s remodeling or new installation, simple or complex, large or small, on or off water, upper or ground level story, we can work on any deck job assigned to us by our customers. To ensure success in our service delivery, we involve our clients during the planning and design phases of the decking project. This allows them to understand how the outcome will look like. Below are some of the decking service we offer;

Deck Building

3A Genius Builders is a renowned company acknowledged for our ability to identify with the needs of our clients and at the same time meeting them as required. We achieve this by generating unique designs while taking care of the specific decking issues. We have the ability to design and construct stunningly beautiful decks. Our team of professionals do more than what is required to ensure that our clients receive the best at the end of the decking project.

Upgrading and Remodeling

When working on any decking project, it’s our primary obligation to ensure that we attain quality end results and that they are code compliance. While re-decking, we use new rails and materials that will ensure that the decks are safe for use by you and your family members. We also create a bump out for grills, outdoor kitchens or waterfalls and fire features, and redesign and relocate stairs to enhance better flow. In addition, when setting walls we use custom lattice together with a pergola or patio.

Materials We Use for Deck Additions and Renovations

The kind of materials you choose for your deck will determine the longevity of your deck and the need for maintenance. Other key factors in deciding which wood you’ll use are durability and environmental issues such as aridity and humidity. All this are factors that will determine how your deck ages. There is a wide variety of materials in the market to choose from for the construction of your deck. At 3A Genius Builders, we offer a diverse array of high-quality decking materials for our esteemed customers depending on the deck design.  We make our clients a part of every step of the construction including making the choice of material. We can accommodate you on any material you desire. On your new deck, we might use redwood, cedar, composites, PVC-based materials and numerous other woods.

All these materials have their own distinct advantages. For instance, wood is less expensive and this helps lower the total construction cost. Therefore, you can be able to get a high-quality deck at a lower price. Wood also creates a classic look and feel. If your home is traditional looking or older, natural looking wood will perfectly compliment that look. The wood can as well be stained to compliment the look of a more modern home.  It’s also worth noting that your deck will last longer without frequent repairs and replacement when treated. This is because it becomes resistant to bug infestation, rotting, and fungus.

Composite decks mimic the look of wood while minimizing the downsides. Composites are highly durable since they are made from synthetic materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear. The material is also more resistant to weather elements and rotting when compared to traditional wood. There is no need to apply stain or paint on composite decks because the material comes pre-colored. This saves your time and money.

A PVC-derived material is safe for children and pets because it does not break apart. There will be no need to worry about splinters and you can let your kids and pets move freely without anxiety. The material is highly durable with a lifetime warranty and resistant to mold, moisture, scratch, stain, split, and insects.

Our trained consultants are ready to assist and guide you through the various options of materials that can be used to construct and remodel your deck. We can use our deep experience to help you choose what will best meet your needs and style.

Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home or Remodeling an Existing One

Whether you plan to live in your house forever or sell it at some point, there are different benefits associated with adding a new deck and these include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

A deck addition can improve the design of your home, enhancing its overall quality and making it more visually appealing. A deck can easily add dimension to your yard and this will make your home stand out. Whatever your preferences are, you can stain your deck to fit the color scheme of your home and make it more appealing and natural.

  • Increased Home Value

A deck is a huge selling point if you’re planning to sell your house in the future. A well-maintained deck can increase your home’s value and its salability as well. Compared to other home additions such as a sunroom, extra bathroom or even a room addition, the value that a deck can bring to your home is much higher. Therefore, a deck addition or renovation can bring a better return than almost any other home improvement project.

  • Ideal for Entertaining Guests

Whether you’re having summertime birthday parties of backyard barbeques, decks are absolutely a great addition. All you’ll need is a stereo, grill, lawn chairs and your guests and family. Your house can be the place to be simply because you have a deck. It’s always exciting to sit out on a deck, whether to just relax, catch some sun, or eat and laugh with your loved ones. With a deck in your home, you can create memories for your family and friends for years to come.

  • Quick to Build

Most home projects come with a lot of noise and disturbance, but this is usually not the case with deck construction and remodeling. Deck construction can take as little as a week’s time to be completed. This makes it easy to live within the home while the project is ongoing. The key here, however, is to find a contractor who will deliver quality workmanship and clean the trash and debris within the agreed timeline.

Contact Us for Your Deck Construction

When you hire 3A Genius Builders, our craftsmen will make your deck a work of art that shows off your personality and charm. We will design a deck that will be convenient and accessible from your yard, landscape, and from inside your home. Our experience will help you visualize your outdoor living area and our expertise will ensure the project is completed within the stipulated budget and time while ensuring your dreams come true. We take pride in being a company that offers top-of-the-line design and construction of decks. Our trusted craftsmen only use the best material in the construction of decks. No job is too small or too big for us.

At 3A Genius Builders, we apply all techniques to overcome architectural and geographical challenges. If you think it’s impossible to turn an area into a living space because your property is on a hill or slope, we can employ all the tactics to construct a deck that’s spectacular for you. 3A Genius Builders has been serving homeowners in the Tarzana area with sterling customer service, a strong work ethic, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, competitive rates, and high customer satisfaction. Call us for a quick quote at (818) 267-7607 or fill out our online form. We offer on-site consultation to help us give you a more exact quote.